Tenclub Newsletter No. 10

silvasilva Posts: 42
Hi all. Newly returned 10C member here after a few years away. I used to have a 155xxx number back in the day, but let it lapse. Duh.
Missed out on 10C tickets for Seattle but managed to get nosebleeds for night 2 through Ticketmaster verified sale. So we will be making our way from the UK for that, hopefully i'll be able to pick up a couple of GA tix for night 1 somewhere along the way, but thats for another forum.

I decided to dig out all my old 10C / VHC newsletters and singles, hadn't looked at them in a while and i realise i have some gaps in the Newsletters. I am missing No. 10 / 20 and 22. I have no idea what would have happened to them. Does anyone have any screenshots of those newsletters to jog my memory of what they were, especially no. 10.

I'll have to go digging through the loft to see if i can find them.


Wembley London - 10/29/96
Reading Festival - 08/27/06
Wembley London - 06/18/07
Milton Keynes - 07/11/14
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