Sorry again retread thread couldnt find the rollings stones

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The Rolling Stones!



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    Last night I watched the Criterion Collection version of "Gimme Shelter", the excellent documentary of the fiasco at Altamont Speedway in California.  (I had friends who went and, man, am I glad I stayed home!)  Good lord, what a bummer clusterfuck that event was!  I have to hand it to the Stones- they go up in front of all that madness at the end of a long day of all these massive hippies getting completely wasted, all crushed up against the stage with nothing to protect them but a gang of Hell's Angles, some of whom did there best to help, some who just seemed to think they were there to bash heads in.  Imagine a band- the band who that at the time were the biggest in the world- having the nerve to deal with all that!  Forget Steel Wheels, how about Steel Nerves!
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