Meaning+ nothing is everything+ Discard all Thought

In my beginning I attempt a new direction
Found it on repeat 
Circles becoming smaller each time
Left alone to become one
Time healed we are now three
Please, I search for the meaning of each decision
Good or Bad 
Richer or Poorer
What are my needs?
I want or desire nothing
I fulfill others needs, are they mostly wants?
Exit Life, in a pen found creation
Express , manifest, boxed in thinking pleasure IS?
Need to connect to others. Self love, loathing differences
Hold on, Let go. Disappear, 
Emotionless, robotic motions rule the earth,
Thoughts and Prayers sent to where
Action is my desire
Get Er Done, whistling Dixie, Crossing the Potomac, Founding Fathers of Ultimate control
Ultra mind, Dollar makes sense, spend it wisely, FREE CONCERTS for life, 
LOST me, do not follow, pass Go collect $500 
Sell you're Soul on eBay 
Kyle 50
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