2nd Annual Joe Martin ALS Foundation Rivalry Softball Challenge

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In November of 2016, my father, a former minor league baseball player, was diagnosed with ALS.  

With the help of the Joe Martin ALS Foundation, my father has been given access to the knowledge and expertise of professionals who understand what this disease does and what steps to take during the life changing process of dealing with ALS.  

My grandmother always taught us to give back twice as much as you are given.  

With that in mind, I helped organize the Joe Martin ALS Rivalry Softball Challenge as our way to give back to the organization that has given so much to my family as well as so many others.  

Last year, we raised over $15,000.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Below is a link to the landing page for the 2018 Softball Challenge.  Also below, a link to my donation page.

If you decide to donate.  Thank you.
If you share the links. Thank you.
If you simply say a prayer. Thank you. 


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    I can do the first and third.

    Best of energy to your dad and entire family.  ALS is a stealing, ruthless motherfucker.

    Keep strong as you can, and good wishes from across the country.
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    Thank you Hedonist!
    I'm like a tab
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