Faces In The Crowd - Wishlist Foundation Series

I am the second installment of this series. If you haven't seen the first, watch it. Incredible story.
I love the finished product of mine. Jason is doing great work. This forum was where I first started posting episodes of my show In It To Spin It back in 2013. Enjoy.

Van '98, Sea I+II '00, Sea '01, Sea II '02, Van '03, Gorge, Van, Cal, Edm '05, Bos I+II, Phi I+II, DC, SF II+III, Port, Gorge I+II '06, DC, NY I+II '08, Sea I+II, Van, Ridge , LA III+IV' 09, Indy '10, Cal, Van '11, Lond, Van, Sea '13, Memphis '14, RRHOF '17, Sea I+II '18, Van I+II, Vegas I+II '24
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