Official: 2018 Home Shows vs Away Shows Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • ISO 1 GA Seattle Night 1 ticket, pretty please!
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    ISO trade night 2 GA for night 1 GA in Seattle.  Wife decided to skip the trip so I have an extra GA for night 2 available but need a ticket for night 1.  Prefer GA but might consider something else. 
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    Looking for a comparable trade - one of my Seattle night 1 (FLDK, row 7) for one of your Seattle night 2.
    We might be able to trade i have GA for night 2 to trade. 
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    JC118315 said:
    Looking for a comparable trade - one of my Seattle night 1 (FLDK, row 7) for one of your Seattle night 2.
    We might be able to trade i have GA for night 2 to trade. 
    That would be amazing if we could make that trade! We've got a group of 3 going, with 2 of us already in GA night 2. (I didn't want to be greedy and ask for a GA, but it really would be preferable.) I know it's seats vs. GA. But, it really is a good sight line - I have a relatively low 10C number and I've been in similar seats at Wrigley. It's just behind the pit, pretty close to center. Let me know!!
    Image result for safeco field pearl jam seating chart
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    I need One/two spare for Chicago 1
  • ISO Seattle Night 2 - Aug 10 (2 tickets). Anything please. Coming from Vancouver Island. Travel and accomodations all booked, just need to find tickets...
    Bump. I understand it's a long shot...but worth a chance. The prices on the secondary market are insane (more so after factoring in the CAD-US exchange)
  • Seattle show #1: <<<2 tickets>>> Field N, Row 11. 1st ticket is transferable. For the 2nd ticket I’ll log you into my TM/10C portal in person the day of the show

    Seattle show #2: <<<1 ticket>>> Field P, Row 6.  I’ll log you into my TM/10C portal in person the day of the show

    Missoula GA standing: <<<1 ticket>>> Transferable.

    Face value. Transferable tickets payable via PayPal. Non-transferable PayPal or cash in person. Remember, if you'd like a non-transferable ticket, you must be willing to meet up with me prior to entering the venue the day of the show (or in the case of Seattle 2, a day or two before)

    JR C
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    ISO Single 10C ticket to purchase for either Fenway N1 or N2 field reserved or GA.  Work won't allow me to go to the Seattle shows, so here's hoping that I can help out someone who needs to find a home for a Fenway ticket.  TIA
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  • Have an extra pair for Seattle Night 1 near first base dugout.  Please send private message if interested.  Thanks!
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    looking for night 1 seattle GA, thanks!
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    I am needing one GA for Seattle Night 2. Thank you!
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    Still One ticket night one Seating Block 116 Seattle Aug 8th and One Ga for Missoula available 
    Pm me if you need
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    Have 2 reserved for Chicago N2 to trade, looking for 1 GA.
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    For sale:

    1x Missoula 10C Ga, face value.
    2013= Wrigley 1, Dallas, OKC
    2014= Amsterdam 1&2, St. Louis, Lincoln, Detroit, Moline, Denver
    2015= Mexico City
    2016= Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Lexington, MSG1, Fenway1, Wrigley 2&3
    2017= EV @ Ohana
    2018= London 1, Boarderline, Seattle 1&2, Missoula MT, Wrigley 4&5
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    Looking for a single ticket to Chicago N2!  Can pay or trade or for some great seats for Missoula in section 121 right next to stage.
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    Looking to purchase single ticket for Wrigley Night 1 on 8/18. Been in 10C since ‘08-‘09. Looking for the field- Pit or GA. It would land in a good home here! Please reply, PM me. Thanks! 
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  • gpudgpud Vernon, BC, CanadaPosts: 12
    For Sale:

    Single Ticket for August 8
    Safeco Field, Seattle

    Main 100 Level

    Face Value 
    $138.40 USD

    I'm in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

    PM me. 

    Paypal accepted

    See you August 10th
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    Seattle Night 1 (August 08, 2018)
    Seattle Night 2 (August 10, 2018)
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    I think I posted in the wrong thread before, have two for Wrigley, night 2 for face - can no longer go. Section 530. $126.75 each (that face +  the add'l charges they charged me).  

    PM me, thx!

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    • Looking to trade 1 GA Seattle Night 1 (8/8) for 1 Fenway Night 1 (9/2)
      However if you are looking for a GA ticket for Seattle N1, I will sell it at face value if I can't find a trade for Fenway so PM me.
  • wbutler29wbutler29 Posts: 782
    PM'd RC
  • cravencraven Posts: 2
    FS: Fenway N2 Single in Section G14 Row 8
    PM me if interested
    10C Single Mobile Ticket Will Be Transferred
  • I have section FLDN for sale Wed Aug 8 in Seattle 
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    Selling pair for Seattle Night 1 Section 115 Row 31 - seats are side by side

    these tickets are 10C tics - my buddy and I both won and are using his pair

    PM or email me and we can arrange transfer/ entrance into stadium \cant transfer both tics)and paypal the money

    face value of course
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    For Sale: Seattle N1 8/8 Ticketmaster pair, Section 124 Row 12, $260 was face/fees

    Looking for a great N1 single

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    Hi - I have one ticket each for Seattle Night 1 and Seattle Night 2 for sale - face value. One night section J on field and one night section N.

    Will be in town on vacation with my family from Minnesota. They are not interested in going with me to the shows so would like to help out a fellow fan who is looking for a good single reserved ticket. PM me if interested. Thanks.

    UPDATE: Both tickets have now been claimed.  Will update if pending details do not complete.  
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  • Human TideHuman Tide Posts: 257
    Hey friends! I'm looking to purchase a pair of reserved tickets for Seattle 2.
    Please PM me if you have an extra pair - I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
    Still looking for a pair of reserved tickets for Seattle 2...
  • whatdudewhatdude Posts: 131
    FS: Seattle Night 1 - TM Verified Fan Presale Tix

    Field Section H, Row 24, Seats 10 & 11

    Asking Face Value, what I paid.  $270 for the pair. 
    10/30/93 SJ, 6/24/95 SF Polo Fields, 7/15/06 SF, 12/2/06 Hawai'i, 6/24/08 MSG1, 6/25/08 MSG2, 8/28/09 OutsideLands SF, 10/9/09 SD, 10/23/10 Bridge I, 9/25/11 Vancouver, 9/30/12 Missoula, 10/3/12 Oracle Openworld, 7/19/13 Wrigley Field, 11/26/13 Oakland, 10/22/14 Denver, 10/25/14 Bridge I, 5/1/16 MSG1, 5/2/16 MSG2, 8/5/16 Fenway 1, 8/7/16 Fenway 2, 8/20/16 Wrigley Field 1, 8/22/16 Wrigley Field 2, 8/8/18 Seattle 1, 8/10/18 Seattle 2, 8/13/18 Missoula, 9/2/18 Fenway 1, 9/4/18 Fenway 2 
  • Selling one ticket (friend can’t join), Seattle night 2 8/10, section 141 row 2, PM if interested 

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    whatdude said:
    FS: Seattle Night 1 - TM Verified Fan Presale Tix

    Field Section H, Row 24, Seats 10 & 11

    Asking Face Value, what I paid.  $270 for the pair. 
    Sent you a PM whatdude
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