Looking for GA Night 1 - Wrigley

I know there are a bunch of threads for this, but I figured it doesn't hurt to put my request out there instead of risking the message getting lost in the ocean of posts..
 I am looking for 2x Wrigley Night 1 GA - and I have one Wrigley Night 2 GA for trade for one of them... but also will pay cash if preferred!! 
I'm trying to round it out, so that our group of 7 travelling from Canada can all go together. I realize that it's a pipe dream but let me know if anyone is able to help out.. a couple of us were not able to get!! 


  • Still looking for a night 1 Wrigley GA to purchase or trade for N2 GA =) 

  • Bump :) just like everyone else haha. 
  • AprilliesAprillies VancouverPosts: 13
    Wishing you good luck fellow Canadians.  Me too ...coming from Vancouver, and looking for Night 1 Wrigley GA.  

    a truant finds home
  • IgotshitIDIgotshitID St.john's Newfoundland Posts: 852
    Another Canadian here looking for the same haha
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    St.John's 9/25/2005
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    Ottawa 5/8/2016
  • Still looking for two night 1 Wrigley GA's.

    I have one GA Wrigley night 2 for trade but will need to purchase one.. let me know!
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