When buying Vault CDs, can you immediately download the MP3s from the album?

On the CHICAGO 7/11/1995 VAULT #7 CD page it says "Link to zip file will be provided with purchase." Does the zip file contain the MP3s from that concert? I'm assuming it does, but the zip file could contain almost anything digital. Thanks!

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    In this case the zip file is for the MP3 files of the encore tracks from what I gather. I did not order the CD, but this was the case with the vinyl, and we  got an email download link for the encore tracks to complete the show.  If you go for a digital version it would already be in the download.  

    I did HD flac from nugs before tc had it here, but all the formats are up now, and the whole show was in the download.

    May as well download a lossless version and burn to a CD since you would have to do that from mp3s if you get the CD.  I would send the store an email though and confirm, I am speculating from what I have bought and read

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