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i have a few shirts laying around that I figured I would offer up to the group instead of EBay.

The PJ Vancouver and EV Houston shirts have never been worn. The 311, Gaslight Anthem, Nirvana and Camden shirts have been worn, but not a ton. 

All are size L except 311 and Nirvana are XL. Not looking for anything crazy, just trying to make some room in the drawers because I way too many other PJ shirts. Would much prefer someone to take them all off my hands at once, but if that doesn’t happen I will break them out. Let’s say $60 shipped for everything. 

Let me me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

'08- Camden 1-2   '09- Chicago 2; Spectrum 1-4
'10- MSG 1-2   '11- PJ20
'12- MIA; DeLuna '13- Wrigley; Pitt; Brooklyn 1-2; Philly 1-2; Baltimore; Seattle
'14- Denver   '16- Philly 1-2; MSG 2
'17- Pilgrimage Music Fest (Eddie)
'18- Fenway
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