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I am hoping to get tickets to either of the Wrigley Field shows but unlike the other shows wrigley is not listed on the Ticketmaster site. I emailed TM to ask about this and was told that TM isn’t selling tickets for the wrigley show but when I signed up for verified presale it listed wrigley as an option. I doubt I’d get good seats through 10c as I am a brand new member, so does anyone know what the best way to get tickets will be? Without paying scalpers $300+  
Thanks in advance for any help. 


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    10c lottery drawing is not dependent on how long you’ve been a member. It only comes into play when reserved seats are distributed to lottery winners. Older members get better seats. From sounds of it, if you pick reserved first for either show, you should get tickets...  albeit probably upper deck since you’re new. 
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  • TM will take you to tickets.com.  They will handle the tickets.
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    TM will take you to tickets.com.  They will handle the tickets.
    Same with Fenway but Wrigley is currently not shown on TM.  Fenway is.
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    The TM fan presale isnt for another 2 weeks right? I'm not worried about it showing up yet.
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