Went to work
Drove home
I'm not alone
To go
Afraid to leave
No heart
In me
I'm shook
No hand
In a fire
I stand
Layin low
Unknown hope
In a life
That is
No life
I'm walking
In my
Walking shoes
Dying to sleep
In a safe bed
No more writing
I'll be
Reading instead
Hitchin a ride
Reality died
In my mind
Find a way
Get away
Maybe someday
I'm afraid


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    It's all relative
    I could drive
    A million miles
    Or i could walk
    A million lifetimes
    To find freedom
    I have perfected
    The sinless action
    It's my mind
    That erases jesus
    Spirit is good
    Saving things
    Passing on hope
    I am good
    I'm quiet
    In my fight
    What's left
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    I'm alive
    On a porch
    Snow falling
    Life is cold
    I'll be
    In the
    Youth is instilled
    Not a pill
    For sake of love
    I will roll on
    To the north sky
    Never time
    To die
    My hand
    It's true
    In love
    With you
    Scorching wind
    Lead me away
    From sins
    I will begin
    To live
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    Walking again
    Laying in bed
    It's just dirt
    Under me
    In my mind
    For all time
    I sweep off
    The feet
    My bed
    My head
    I dread
    What i said
    What i meant
    The sky
    The sea

  • these are good Shyner, I keep rereading them with differing inflection, playing with your words, thank you for sharing
  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    these are good Shyner, I keep rereading them with differing inflection, playing with your words, thank you for sharing
    Your the best!
  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    Don't go away
    It's okay
    Being afraid
    Time will tell
    It will heal
    And when it's right
    The world will be
    Imagine the vinyl
    Spinning round
    The light from afar
    Your very own star
    Every aspect of
    Being alone
    Leads you home
    Where the ships
    Pass by
    In the night
    Where the hurt is
    Is where
    The art breeds
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    You are in a better place
    A better place
    I find my way
    To where you are
    I drive so far
    Then fly away
    To where you are
    A better place
    For you
    For me
    That's what i believe
    I have to
    I love you so
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    Sittin here
    No tear
    Full of anger
    Saying goodbye
    Who are you
    Are you
    Who you are
    What the hell
    Gotta rest
    Aching pain
    In my bulletproof 
    It feels
    Like a man
    Who broke
    Natures plan
    Staring into space
    What a waste
    King of pain
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    Hopeless hopeless
    Think of the rope less
    I'm never crying
    Even if they're dying
    Cause of the cause
    I stand and applaud
    Never went wrong
    Singing a song

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    Talking too much
    Talking out of turn
    Staring never learning
    Waiting on a train
    Waiting on a train
    This feeling never fades
    Talking too much
    Talking out of turn
    Shearing the locks
    Shearing the locks

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    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
    Were [Pearl] jammin, [Pearl] jammin
    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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    The news is bad
    Cover my head
    With all alive
    I think of death
    Why isn't life
    Worth the love
    When bodies stop
    I doubt above
    And I'm struggling
    Just to remain
    And I'm struggling
    Just to stay sane
    Protect your babies
    Keep them home
    For it has been proven
    Wherever you go
    Your gonna fall victim
    To bombs n bullets
    Your gonna fall victim
    And no one listens
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    I miss you
    Seems to me
    Nobody see's
    Reading mind
    What's mine
    Is inside it
    Always finding
    Another door
    Picking myself
    Off the floors
    It's a way to find
    A way out of rhyming
    In the end
    Standing is ten
    As a perfect statue
    The end is the end

    Stupid lil poem i wrote

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    She's gone now
    Had some trouble with the law
    Now I'm unsure
    If I'll ever see her again
    She is my daughter
    She is my life
    She is gone now
    Time to die
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    A scratchy voice all alone
    Is like she was
    So soft and flower like
    Followed by a baritone
    And then he rose
    And all the dead
    Rose up like flames
    As god perfects things
    With fire
    I woke up from the dream
    I figured it would breathe
    All my saving would 
    Fade away
    But i am awake
    I am alive

    The bar was high in 95

    Every show from 95 should be a vault

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    I feel absolutely something
    But I'm dead
    Walking in a frame of mind
    Just to get past time
    But I'm alive
    Because i create history
    With words and causes
    For humans to reflect
    MLK ALI said it best
    Time and again
    Death makes my stomach hurt
    I don't want anyone to die
    But i need you to let me leave
    Without blaming me
    When i go
    You stay
    I live

    A note i wrote
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    I'd give you his name
    He would deny it
    Mishandled human being
    Left with no tears
    Waiting on the rain
    Waiting for the pain
    To alleviate
    So i can fly away
    Like she did
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    We can fight
    To make it right
    But nothing will change
    Until the hands of power
    Give it all away
    And new voices speak up
    With ideas about love
    And work is given
    Responsible actions
    Are daily needs
    Endorphins tweak
    With hard work
    I seek peace
    I worship peace
    Peace is all we need
    And believe
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    In the frying pan

    I love this place

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