Pinkpop v London

Hey, so we decided since we already had tickets for the Foo Fighters on the Friday of the London 2018 shows we would try and see PJ during another week so I didn't buy London tickets during the presale. Already taken time off work for FF, travel down from Scotland etc....

I'm looking at Pinkpop - anyone been before? We'd probably stay for only the Fri/Sat and head home early Sunday.

Just looking for any opinions on the festival itself if anyone has been before. I'll probably still try and find 2 London tickets just in case but all help appreciated!

Thanks :) 


  • Peasant TentsPeasant Tents UKPosts: 593
    I'd go for London myself - but not been to Pinkpop so no expert! I just prefer a full PJ Arena show to festivals. We are doing FF on the Saturday but we are lucky cos only an hour from London... How about Amsterdam instead ? Bound to be a ticket drop for the show in a few months... Always is for the side tickets and more GA....  Whatever you do. it'll be great!
  • GloriousGlorious Posts: 16
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    Hey thanks for the reply :)

    Yeah that's probably a good call. I'll keep an eye out for London tix and hopefully get lucky! 
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