Looking for 1 x GA ticket for Tuesday 19th June 2018 London show

If anyone has a spare ten club GA ticket for the Tuesday 19th June London show, please let me know, will 100% take it (buy it from you as per ten club rules). Probably too late now but let me know, thank you!


  • RD257711RD257711 Posts: 7
    Hi, I potentially have a spare GA ticket for the show. It's a bit complicated as I will no longer be in the country for the show so I've emailed the Ten Club if a friend in London can collect the tickets for me with my ID and pass on the second guest ticket. Once they get back to me I will let you know! Hope so as otherwise it's a massive waste of two awesome tickets! Cheers! 
  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 10,434
    Ticket rules are pretty strict and only allow the 10c member to pick up in person with ID at will call.  Sorry to say, but you are going to get a big fat no from 10c on this one.  They run on no exceptions.  
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  • FA255754FA255754 Posts: 4
    I have two tickets and I can´t go... just sells together
  • PatRedPatRed Posts: 2
    100% got one spare ticket, I'm going to the show so will pick the ticket on the day. Happy to arrange meeting place etc. Oh it's standing as well. Cheers
  • monkeyphoenixmonkeyphoenix LondonPosts: 27
    Apologies for not seeing these replies! PatRed, do you still have a spare for the rearranged show on Tuesday 1th July?
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    Duplicate thread and wrong forum.
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