Fragile little bird, With a fractured wing
Sits alone, singing her sad songs.
One after another, She belts out the tunes
They vary, But never differ 

Certain that no one will her her cries
 Her sad songs go repeated.
 From early morning hours,
  And into the night she sings. 

Will someone take away my sorrows,
Will someone take away my pain.
Will someone patch my fractured wing,
So I may fly again.

One after another, She belts out these tunes
Certain that no one is listening.
Oh, But we've heard them on repeat
  Sad songs never change.

 Choose something warm
And I'll sing with you.
We'll sing like there's no tomorrow.

Will, is something you do for yourself
 And time can heal whats fractured.
The choice is yours, The songs that you sing,
Can make your world much brighter.

Stay in the tree, Where the past seems to haunt you
Or take flight under blue skies,
Where freedom awaits your departure.

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