2X Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Krakow, Rome or Padova for Amsterdam?

Looking for 2 10C GA for Amsterdam.  Lucked out on literally everything else with my son and we have 2X Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Krakow, Rome and Padova to trade. (and yes we will be going to all of these shows. like i say, we REALLY lucked out; i got six and he got eight.  and it was his first time...)


  • btw all of the above for trade have higher face value than Amsterdam, so not scalping anyone
  • Looking for a ticket for Rome, nothing to trade, want to buy the Rome ticket, please. Got 2 tickets by drawing GA standing, want to take my son and daugther with so I need one more, can you help me out?
  • Would love the Berlin tix if they're still available?
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  • I have Krakow and Prague GA to trade. 1 for each date. I'm looking for 1x Berlin 10c GA . 
  • Looking for 1 in Berlin and Prague. Let me know if still available. 
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • You have PM, I am looking for Rome. Thank you
  • OldurtyjerzOldurtyjerz New York, NYPosts: 3
    hi there..
    would assume their already gone but looking for (2) tix for Berlin...
    Pls LMK..
    Have a great 2018!

  • deftonesdeftones Athens, GreecePosts: 2,430
    PM sent
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