Restarting up GRRL JAM in San Francisco.. Looking for Musicians

ratmandoratmando Moss Beach, CAPosts: 343
Yep... I finally got my drums, I finally am back to playing music again. And. I finally got my gear going. I'm trying to get a new group of Ladies, or lady-likes to start up GRRL JAM in the Bay area. (We were the first all woman tribute to the boys, and we still want to be the best.) I still am singing, (one day I'll have Matt's chops, but that day isn't here yet.). If you know anyone who may be interested, let me know. We play bsides and albums, but not covers that the boys cover.. (cos, yknow..they do it for good reasons!) We have tossed in originals in the LA version, and would be happy to do tribute style songs for the SF version. Hoping to hear from people. If you want, email me at grrljamband at gmail. 
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 2,668
    I'm not in California and I'm not a woman but good luck to you. The world needs more musicians and more Pearl Jam!
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    Give me a time machine back 40 to 45 years to my days in the city, a wig and a dress and I'd audition! 

    Good luck ratmando! 
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