A step backwards

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I don't need
I don't believe
You are there
You are dust
I must sleep
I won't weep
For your pride
How you lied
All i know
All i believe
Is changing

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    Take your proud genes
    Take my innocence
    Shake em up
    Swallow your grave
    My life your game
    It's all changing
    Maybe someday
    The child
    Will smile
    I sure as hell 
    Have not 

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    Under your robotic skin
    Is where I'm sinkin
    In shoots my pain
    Out squirts your game
    On television
    On radio
    A bunch of reactions
    Designed mysery
    The mystery of it all
    Not worth participation
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    I need eddie
    Like water
    New albums
    My blood

    I'm going digital
    Put it together
    All the songs
    On a disc

    I'm spinning
    I'm spinning
    I'm spinning
    Digital tracks

    I need eddie
    He's my momma
    And when i see
    He'll dissapear
    Never to return
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    Love is equal
    Throughout and true
    From youth to wisdom
    Or whatever it's become
    Bruised to the heart
    Calvary in tow
    It's unknown in mind
    Time after time
    All i know
    All i have
    Is a time
    That ended

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    A purpose is nice
    A friend when broken
    I'll be with the trees
    I'll be in the breeze
    A purpose is light
    A friend to rely on
    When I'm broken
    I'll be counting time
    I'll be drunk on lines
    The boy who cried
    Never hurting right
    Born alone
    Lived alone
    With a bunch of
    Coughing fucks
    Makin him sick
    Swallow this
    Never passed on pain
    Like my mother
    And my grandmother
    I defy they're ways
    I'm the boy who changed
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    I'm fake to your face
    Still I'm innocent
    Because you lie
    All the time
    For eternity
    I don't trust you
    Or your loving words
    Cause you know I'm sick
    And you keep coughing
    You'll never catch 
    A lickin
    But your sure to get
    A whipping
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    It feels nice in the furnace
    I can't take the heat
    It feels nice in the freezer
    I can't take the cold
    If it's not right
    It's outta sight
    I'd rather not be a picture
    But i love to be still
    Under the bridge
    Over the hill
    Nothing like changing
    Nothing like a smiling daughter
    Nothing like a smiling sun
    Say goodbye to your way
    Tomorrow the music died
    Tomorrow the mystery died
    Tomorrow they are showered in gifts

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    It's too bad that you can't feel pain
    In that scenario your skin I'd be diggin in
    Making you cry I'd never stop digging
    But you died and your time has gone
    You left me behind before i was conceived
    Giving me to satan you cry but your dead
    I wish that i get a chance to kick your ass
    Even when your weak as hell i kick
    My time is over
    My time was shit
    My goal is your tears
    And the smile
    Of my baby
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    Right is your pain
    Unsatisfied is your shame
    On and on these words are not my voice
    They ring out to right your wrongful choice
    To trust your mother

    Sweet pain is the worst song ever
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    Nothing in your imagination
    Should ever lead you
    To look in a mirror
    Oh my word
    Never for you
    Unless it becomes elation
    My love for all is true
    And my bruises
    Never should be
    So lead the world
    To a place of elation
    All my pain
    All her pain
    Is not for you
    The light is dark
    The night is day
    I'm not afraid
    To play the frame
    I'm here
    To save the world
    You should look
    In the mirror
    And save t he world
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