Your Favorite Band or Artist other than Pearl Jam

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I'll start.
To no one's surprise, 
Waylon F****ing Jennings.  That's who.
His creativity, and what he did to revolutionize country music to put control into the artist's hands not the corporate record companies.  Prior to Waylon Jennings, the country singers had to sing the songs that they were told to sing and we're  provided with a "professional Studio band" they didn't have control over their music.  So here comes Waylon with his own songs, & telling them that he wants to use his Road Band.  It took a long time but eventually under his control & ideas Wanted The Outlaws was the first country album that sold over a million copies. The sheer number of songs he recorded over his career is like over 1,200 songs. I think it was 96 singles and 45 solo albums, 5 live albums no bootlegs, and a lots of collaborations. This guy didn't jump around on stage or smash guitars. He's like (Zz Top) stands there with his band and guitar and delivers his songs with passion and energy.  I was lucky enough to witness him once in Janesville Wisconsin 1996.  (He was actually on one of the Lollapalooza tours). I had really good tickets on two separate occasions to see Waylon, and they both got cancelled for one reason or another.  So this one was a General Admission Deal, so when they opened the gate, I ran and forced bumping off of people and willed my way right up to the front row. This was the Right For the Time Tour.  Awesome show.  They of course had everything all roped off around the busses.  But I snuck around quickly and got myself near his tour bus immediately after the show, and when he came walking around to get in, I bumped into some security and just said I want to hello & thank you that's all.  They started moving me away.  Waylon yelled "Hey, hey hold it!! It's alright,. I said "Hi I'm Ryan I've enjoyed your music my whole life & thank you for the great music.  And I had a program in my left hand and a gold paint marker that he saw. When he was shaking my right hand, he reached across with his left hand and took it out of my left hand, the program & marker.
(I didn't have to ask) and signed it.  He said "See you later." and darted into his bus.

So here's one of my favorite tunes of his Mississippi Woman

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