Idiomatic expression in Rearviewmirror?

Hi, looking for a little help....we were discussing one phrase in Rearviewmirror "I took a drive". One person is saying that "I took a drive" could be interpreted not only literally but also as "I took a decision"...Honestly I never heard of any idiomatic meaning of that phrase...any thoughts on this?


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    I don't think idiomatic phrasing is the issue at hand here, since taking a drive could easily be seen as metaphorical. No, I definitely don't think that "Took a drive" is meant to literally mean "Took a decision". But metaphorically, it could very well amount to the same thing (of course, it could be meant as a literal phrase, because a lot of people do indeed just get in their cars and drive and figure shit out. If that is meant literally, then no, I would say that it absolutely could not mean "I took a decision", because indeed, I have never heard of "drive" to mean decision or anything like it. At best, it might be bent to mean "I took a run at something", but even that would be a stretch IMO.
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  • Thanks very very much!
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