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The word goes on forever/ maybe it should rest
Just listen to my voice/  like a note
No matter what is said
You love me
It's good like bread
It mends my head
To know i feel the same
Just listen to the soul
It brings you home
It comforts me to know
Your always there
You always care
And i love you
Just the same
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  • Heard ya...thanks!
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    Friendship and love as a long conversation. That sounds good to me.
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    It's all fading away
    The things that prey
    Now i will pray for me
    And if you believe
    It doesn't matter
    If we're different
    I'd never ask
    For you to change
    I would for you
    Not change
    I'd pray
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    The sky opened
    In the heart
    The ocean rose up
    It was the start
    The art was plentiful
    The plants grew
    Across the bridges
    I love you
    Over a hurdle
    Top of the mountain
    God is living
    Innocent fountain
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    Shyner, while I'm happy to inspire you to write and I am fine with the poetic conversations, you must realize that I do have a good husband who probably would not want to see that a man online is frequently writing that he loves me.  I know you mean it in an innocent, friendship,  inspirational way, but for the record, let's remember there's a line because of my partner. Okay?


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    I am not myself
    I am someone else
    I couldn't share my name
    Around here i am shyner
    That's all i need
    That's all i share
    When i say those 3 words
    It's for everyone everywhere
    The world needs love
    The world needs change
    I am very happy
    To turn the page
    Moving on 
    Moving forward
    Love cannot be stopped
    It's coming soon
    To a place near you

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    "Ego trippin"

    I rise with wind
    I am native in all land
    I am everyone
    I am everywhere
    When you look at yourself
    It shines
    When you write 
    It shines
    When you throw a fit
    You shine
    I suffer like god
    I drain spirit
    Still i shine
    From all knowing 
    To knowing nothing
    I will shine
    I am not your authority
    I am not your guide
    I am just alright
    And that's fine
    I will shine
    I gotta light
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    There's no grass growing where i live
    We have fought to remain a part of the beauty
    I am offering all my apologies
    Hoping that you draft from me
    As i will for him
    When i am gone

    This writing is for Devin

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    I will leave you everything
    Will you adapt from my heart
    I would be so elated
    If you all need to forget
    I understand
    I just wanted to jam
    I just want it to be right
    For the grandfathers before
    I am inspired by your songs
    Black is good blue is too
    I am entranced in it youth
    Mesmerizing maizee
    Stars of truth and grace
    one day i shall solo
    I will write from the son
    These things i speak of
    Cannot be understood
    Without the gratefulness
    Of blood which i save
    Carrying the son

    For Devin
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    I'm just a boy
    The only being
    In a roboworld
    I am depressed
    A little immature
    Robots are smart
    Years of my fathers
    Minds evolved
    It's too bad
    They never loved
    The future
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    It's not my place
    To be here
    My love
    Never appears
    I found a writer
    She takes me
    To higher ground
    Above the soil
    Shooting upward
    Towards a stars
    I find it meaningless
    To share
    When your unaware
    Or don't care
    Precious stones
    And fine wood
    I got my things
    Make it up
    It's obvious

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    Until I'm gone
    I move on
    I care
    It's important now
    I must fade
    Into the fog
    For the sun
    Shines bright
    So i blow out
    The candle
    And put u
    To bed
    Shine on
    nsane diamond
    In my hand
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