Do you believe in miracles?

dtravidtravi Miami Posts: 7
Reaching out to all PJ fans for help:

I recently launched a social media campaign (reaching over 10,000 people) to help revive an annual music festival I hosted for 10 consecutive years that helped raise money for various local charities in South Florida.  The idea and concept are a bit far-fetched, although I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t believe that it could actually happen at the time of the launch.  As reality starts to kick in on how difficult it is to even reach a band of Pearl Jam's status, I have to push hard one last time to try and make something happen (anything). 

I can only pray, hope and beg that I can reach them to glance at my story, idea and plan on the site I created www.festidan.org.  

I understand that what I’m asking on the site is a bit of a stretch, but at this point, I’d take any type of reaction from anyone affiliated with the band!  Anything that can help spark the revival for another run at a good thing we had going. 

PJ's music and energy has inspired me to accomplish great things during the span of hosting the festival and if there's anyone on here that can help me, I would really appreciate it!


Email me, dtravi@gmail.com 


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    RATS36RATS36 Posts: 14
    Cheers to Dan!  I hope this ambitious idea can get some traction!  I've been to 8 out 10 FestiDans and they were all great wvents supporting worthy causes!  I'd love to see this kind of effort rewarded!

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    dtravidtravi Miami Posts: 7
    Thank you!!!
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