"Unofficial" Vinyl Releases - Thoughts on Quality

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Hello - relatively new vinyl collector trying to build my collection.  I have the official reissues of Ten, Vs, Vitalogy, No Code, and Yield, along with an original ('96) No Code vinyl and most of the Xmas singles.  I also have a copies of Riot Act and Backspacer that I got from 10C that I use mainly as a framed pics until I got my player.

So that leaves Binaural, Lost Dogs, Avocado and (the easily found) Lightning Bolt.  

When I look on discogs.com I see lots of "Unofficial" releases for the ones I need to complete my collection, [link removed]  I was curious as to the quality of these releases - are the basically just crappy copies or are some better than others?  I really am dying for Lost Dogs and Avocado on vinyl more than anything and am tempted by the lower prices.

Thoughts on these types of releases?  Thanks!
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    They will be sourced from the CD, so there's that.
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    Horsesh*t - don't support bootleggers 
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    Well, they definitely have an illegal quality to them.
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    We know reissues are happening soon, I'd just chill until 10c announces them and they go up at Amazon or yr local. 
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    Horsesh*t - don't support bootleggers 
    Okay pal.... bootleggers help PJ decide the Vault releases.
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