Go To Be Moving On video w/ Mike McCready . Documentary on CeDell Davis

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This was recorded for a documentary about the legendary blues singer, CeDell Davis, who is 90 years old. Annie Jantzer is the featured singer. Mike McCready of Pearl Jam is on guitar. Zakk Binns is also on guitar. Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees is on drums.

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    More goodies from CeDell Davis & friends. :)

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    And since today is Annie Jantzer's birthday, here's another short clip from "The Last Bluesman," which features Cedell Davis on harmonica, Annie Jantzer @anniej.official on vocals, Mike McCready @mikemccreadypj on acoustic guitar, Zakk Binns @zakkbinns on slide dobro guitar, and the late Van Conner on bass. I play a brushy snare drum, and that's the great Jack Endino @jackendinoseattle smiling behind the console. Tad Fettig @fettigtad is the film's director and I am the music producer/supervisor. The film is coming soon!

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    Sweet sounds track on vinyl and cd please happy  birthday 
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    Sweet sounds track on vinyl and cd please happy  birthday 

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    CeDell Davis - Got to Be Movin' On

    CeDell Davis - Love Blues

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    Back in 2013, I played drums in a band with Duff McKagan @duffmckagan called the Walking Papers, and we invited Cedell Davis to play with us at a show in Dallas. Here's Duff talking about the power and gravity of Cedell, in an excerpt taken from our film, "The Last Bluesman." The music in the background is by Greg Binns @bigpapabinns covering "Rattlesnake Blues."

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