Humble plea to fight childhood cancer

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Quick intro: Though I haven't posted much here in recent years, PJ has been my favorite band since 92, the soundtrack of my adult life, I've seen them live many times, etc. But my (family's) life was shattered last May when my (then) 11-year-old son Alex was suddenly diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in his left femur. He underwent almost a year of heavy chemotherapy, major surgery on his leg last July, and is still on crutches almost a year later, trying to learn to walk again on his rebuilt left knee.

Anyway, we all have our problems in life, and there are tons of worthy causes, but if anyone is so inclined, one of Alex's (four - speaking as a child of divorce, my wife as well ; ) grandmothers - "Grandma Bee," to differentiate from the others (her last name start with the letter "B") is holding a fundraising event to benefit the (coincidentally named) Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization founded by the parents of Alex Scott, a girl who fought but ultimately lost her battle with cancer. Grandma Bee will be parachuting with the Patriot Parachute Team, former Navy Seals, July 21 in San Diego.

Even a few bucks would be welcome, we know in the grand scheme of things even the $8k target is a drop in the bucket in terms of what's really needed, but any bit helps, and raising awareness in and of itself can only help as well. I myself was only dimly aware of childhood cancer until it crashed in and changed our lives - most of all my son's, but believe me, it devastates the whole family in so many ways.

Thanks for even reading this, here's the link if you (or anyone you know who may have been touched by childhood or really any cancer) might be interested, or see the attached flyer.

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