Pearl Jam guitar

Guys, I bought a Pearl Jam guitar on ebay in the year 2000 from a guy, who claimed to have won it in a sweepstake of a guitar magazine (I think it was "Guitar", but am not sure). Unfortunately, there was no COA. Since then, I have that guitar in my basement and still not sure whether it is authentic or not. Can any of you guys remember such a sweepstake in some guitar magazine in 2000 or the years before? I got it on the German ebay platform, however it is very likely that the seller got it from an international guitar magazine.
I know it is a weird request, but I thought I give it a shot...



  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 Posts: 26,942
    what kind of guitar?
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • tempo_n_groovetempo_n_groove Posts: 35,775
    @Socrates Pics of the guitar will help too.
  • SocratesSocrates Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response, guys, I will get you some pics as soon as I am back in Berlin and get into my basement (end of July).
  • sfrdudersfrduder Posts: 165
    I would contact guitar magazine and ask them. they should be able to look up the contest in back issues. 
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