Downloading on iphone

I am trying to download my purchased digital bootleg on my iphone. When I try it takes me to Java? Anyone else having any trouble? Advice? Thanks!!


  • HesCalledDyerHesCalledDyer Maryland Posts: 16,418
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    Couple questions:
    1) Is your iOS version up to date?
    2) What format did you order the bootleg in?

    I just purchased Curitiba 2011 and tried downloading it on my phone (iPhone 6s running iOS 10.3.1) but I got ALAC format and it wants to open the files in iMovie instead of the Music app. You might only be able to download if it's MP3.
    As for the java prompt, just select "download manually" and click on each song and they should download. Again, they might need to be MP3.
    You may need to download on a home computer and sync to your iPhone.
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    I am interested in a update on this topic. Pearl Jam offer ALAC but can I purchase via this website and download it directly on my iPhone 13? 
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