my life of Pearl Jam and music.

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Drop in the park I turned 20 on the 20th September
I turned 40 September 20 @PJ20 cinerama party theme BJ40!
my best time was backstage memorial stadium both nights
my favorite show was Blind Melon Young Neil & Pj @ the Gorge
i rode in the back of a pickup truck from Tacoma laying down
i went home the same way. (4 hours each way on my back looking up)
Secret Fan club show pissbottle men spent one day in line with a fresh tattoo
from sailor cams about 10 minutes away from the Moore.
got the stickman on my ankle, the girl in front of me was first in line
with the stickman on her arm, i was second in line. there was a man with a video camera
i believe was an ames brother? he interviews us and gives us a set of guitar picks,
biggest upset, i broke my leg the day before the Seattle Amphitheater show and couldn't make it
was at the Mudhoney show and helped set an attendance record!
I have seen nearly every local Bathtub Gin, BRAD show Shawn Smith Show and a few Satchels/pigeonhed
Just realized Shawn played Drop in The park at the end of the show
and i didn't stay, never even knew that till a few days ago..(you simply can't have it all)
but i did get a bus back to U.W..he's even on the shirt!
Loosegroove record release party blew my mind! little pink tickets for you and me!
Turned down $700.00 from a guy from Az. for my Mad Season ticket to the Moore.
Traded lot's of records with lots of people from record shows
Fun Fact! Randy Johnson "The unit" has a kick ass record collection!
It was unfortunate and and a blessing that my life was pretty hard when i was young
leaving me in situations i had no control over, and both times i could have seen
Mother Love Bone, once at Legends in Tacoma or the Skate King show,
situations kept me from that.
it broke me for a while, I only recovered because of PEARL JAM.
Those Boys in Bathtub Gin! and Soon after, Shawn Smith. and let me tell you..
I vowed to never miss a show again~

"Whatever the notions we laced in our prayers
The man upstairs is used to all of this noise
I'm through with screaming"

"and at the elbows, i reach for the sky" my my my~ shawn smith

Just Stay!
Hey nah nah nah nah ain't that somethin!
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    @teamlovebone333 I look forward to reading more of your PJ endeavors!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    thanks tempo~ always thought a nobel Peace Prize was more fitting for the Band!
    Hey nah nah nah nah ain't that somethin!
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    it was a pretty funny story, i remember making a backstage pass that had a picture of a yield sign on it, said vip or crew on it or whatever,i laminated it and everything, and over the years kinda just knew people from going to all the shows, but i was never offered or even asked for a backstage pass, Soooo, (gulp) I threw it around my neck, walked up the stairs (it was not officially behind the stage but an outdoor area) at memorial stadium, the lady had a clipboard with a bunch of pictures of acceptable passes, and of course, the one i had on was no where to be found on her list, she says, hi i don't have a picture of that pass, but you look familiar, and at that second some one already back there said Hey B, whats up man you made it, sweet!! i said hey! how are you, the lady with the board said, oh get in here..and she said if you come back tomorrow, bring the right pass!! (hahahaha,i,kid you not) i said oh you mean the yield shaped one, she yeah, that one, i said i have it with me, So i took out a yield sticker i got from a ten club order and stuck it on the right side leg shorts, and the rest is history!
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    Great stories!
    Click to visit the Arizona PJ Fans Page

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    those were the daaays!
    Hey nah nah nah nah ain't that somethin!
  • teamlovebone333teamlovebone333 Sea double T lePosts: 47

    Great stories!

    nce i like it
    Hey nah nah nah nah ain't that somethin!
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    @teamlovebone333 I just came across this, wow, you've had some awesome experiences, lucky you! I'd love to hear more about your experiences seeing Satchel and Shawn Smith (especially the early days - 90's), also if you have any pictures/tickets/posters/memorabilia to share I'd love to see them. Also who played the Loosegroove record release party and where and when was it? I was fortunate enough to see Shawn with Pigeonhed at the Aro Space when I was travelling the West Coast in 98, he was super cool and friendly. Cheers
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