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It was San Diego Sports Arena 1995….I received my first dose of PJ medicine when, as I stood no more than 20 feet from the bands trajectory... “Hold onto the thread, the currents will shift…” and boy did they. PJ has not only inspired all of us…..For many of us, their music has woven the very fabric of our lives. As an ex-professional athlete in my late teens through to my mid twenties there wasn’t a country/ continent I visited that didn’t include my Sony Discman whaling the stories of Ten, VS, Vitalogy, No Code, Binaural and of course, Yield. Inevitably, as you can imagine, each of these albums possesses for me a song, which is intimately joined to some of the most profound experiences of my life. It is with a grin on my face that I share one of my most treasured pieces. This was done over the course of several years with mostly pencil as my medium (Ebony, 4H, 2H and charcoal), with a splash of acrylic paint. Yes several years LOL! Id like to say that SDSU got in the way however, let truth be told, it was as if I didn’t want it to end ; ). Enjoy my friends….
Brian Richardson
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    This is freakin awesome. 
    I can totally feel your passion in your paragraph, too. 
    SDSU did you well lol.
    Awesome drawing.
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    My apologies!...just saw this. Thanks so much my friend! appreciate you....

    Brian Richardson
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