Jim Koch if you read this please make your Seattle Temple poster available

Stardog baby :)


  • ZodZod Posts: 6,927
    That would be awesome! I found the "real one" to be kind of creepy (the painting of Andrew Wood's face). I suppose it looks better if you attended all 3 shows of the poster colage, but I didn't, and framing the Seattle one by itself.. I couldn't do it. I would of loved to have this one to hang in the house :)
  • let's hope we get an answer!
  • ZodZod Posts: 6,927
    I imagine he can't really do it though. You can't just make stuff with someone's name on it and sell it. You would need consent from the band to use their name. It's probably why he doesn't respond to messages about it. He probably can't formally release it :(
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