Looking for an old PJ friend (please help)

Vedder75Vedder75 La Verne, California Posts: 2
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Hello fellow Jammers! Looking for an old friend, Kelly Zimmerman. I think she was under the name (Lizard jam). Never posted or looked for anyone under the PJ community, so not sure how to look for her. If you can help or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.



  • SD48277SD48277 Woodstock, NYPosts: 12,128
    I don't know if she is still an active member. You could try to PM her. Create a New Message, and as soon as you start typing in her username in the recipient's line, different possibilities (of usernames) appear so you can choose which one you think is hers. Good luck.
  • Vedder75Vedder75 La Verne, California Posts: 2
    Thank you for your help
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