Best anniversary present ever

Got this from the wife last night, on our 10th anniversary:

Been waiting a long time for this pedal even to exist, let alone own one. I got to see the demo model at NAMM in 2015, before they even started selling them. So excited!
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 31,090
    Wow!! That is badass & I may have to steal your idea for our own anniversary coming up in July....there's some gear I've had my eye on for awhile! Ha! Happy 10 years to you both!
  • mccreadyisgodmccreadyisgod Bumfuq, MTPosts: 6,395
    As a pro audio guy, who also messes around with guitars and basses, I've always wanted a compressor pedal with all the normal functionality of a rack-mount compressor. And I have a particular affection for the old dbx 160/160A/160X circuit. From what I've heard, this pedal is designed around that very sound. I am beyond stoked.
    ...and if you don't like it, you can suck on an egg.
  • rattzeyrattzey Posts: 803
    Man thats sweet, congrats on 10 years
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 1,786
    I've tried and owned a number of compressors over the years but I was never all that happy with any of them.

    That Keeley might be the ticket.

    Congrats on the new gear and the anniversary.!
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