1 Extra Ticket avail RRHoR @ Fave Value

Tickets were purchased direct through the Barclay's Centre so I'm not exactly sure where the seats are but face value is $175 USD. You'll be sitting with me and some buddies so please don't be a jerk!


  • dcp3ydcp3y Louisville KYPosts: 471
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    Moved on. Good luck to whoever ends up with this ticket.
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  • Still for sale?
  • lanexang188lanexang188 Boston, MAPosts: 36
    Hi is the ticket still available??
  • lanexang188lanexang188 Boston, MAPosts: 36
    It's me Dayle
  • Grandmas JamGrandmas Jam Posts: 1,860
    I'm def looking for a ticket. And hey ran out of jerks at the jerk store. So I'm a perfect seat buddy!
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  • rwalsethrwalseth MinnesotaPosts: 2
    I'm hoping for some PJ Karma to come through for the good things that I've done within the PJ Fam. Fingers crossed. I'm looking for a ticket to the HOF show, as well. 1 or 2 tickets are fine. Please contact me through the Forum. Thank you!
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  • GirlInRedGirlInRed Posts: 166
    I saw this gone??
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  • lm209489lm209489 CaliforniaPosts: 7
    I need just one ticket and I'm not a jerk. Please lmk how to buy it!??
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  • one ticket anyone??????????????
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  • JS60528JS60528 Posts: 8
    I'm looking for 1 (or 2) if anyone has any last minute cancellations
  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 8,463
    What's funny is that they put a ticket up for sale but haven't been back on since 3/21. Sad. Hope that all of you find tickets.
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