Last Kiss

When I was younger my mom would sing this song to me, but she would put my name in the lyrics saying "oh where oh where could my Lulu be." (Lulu being my nickname) I often thought of this song as my life; I felt lost growing up I didn't always fit it. When I would think about ending my own life I would think about her singing this song with my name in it; how lost she would be if she lost me. When I was young she would sing it before I went to bed. I had dreams about the song. I'm not very religious but I do believe in a God. In the dream I would envision I was lost in a forest of pine trees. My mom would be yelling my name. I followed my mom's voice until led me to a clearing in the forest. I saw my mom she was standing at this tall cross, as tall as the pine trees. I yelled her name but she couldn't hear me. The next thing I saw I was standing over the forest looking down. Watching my mom next to this cross yelling my name, I could see myself standing next to the tree line yelling back at her but she wasn't looking my direction; she couldn't hear me.


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    Last Kiss is the greatest thing i ever shared with my kids. It was us singing together. All heart. 
    Love you all
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    Once , upon a time
    There was a poem here
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