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JoshdJoshd Posts: 19
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I have 2 posters for trade, 1998 yield tour poster and an Eddie Vedder star wars 2011 poster.
I am looking for 2016 philly emek, msg 2016 night 2 and Faile 2016 wrigley poster
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  • krosekrose Posts: 1
    Hey, is the 1998 yield summer tour available? I attended the show in ohio, I was 15. My wife found just a print online, not the actual poster for the the show I attended. I would love to add some genuine posters from that year to the collection.
  • JoshdJoshd Posts: 19
  • matt viallmatt viall Posts: 138
    Hey Josh D - I have philly EMEK 2016 avail
  • JP77380JP77380 Posts: 104
    I have Wrigley Faile for you. Send me a message 
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