For Trade: Medium Fenway Crash Jacket

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Have for trade:

1) Medium Fenway Crash Jacket. 'Has been tried on and then returned to the packing bag as it doesn't fit me the way I'd prefer. Item is located in the Halton area - west of Toronto

2) Vedder Oakland Star Wars themed print

3) Vedder Perth Car with Uke out the window

4) Emek Philadelphia #2, 2016

I'm Looking for:
-DMB 2012, Camden, zippo lighter
-DKNG illustrated elephant island print
-DKNG illustrated boy and telescope on books print
-Klausen, Dublin, Pearl Jam, 2010
-Vault 3 Washington DC vinyl

-Toronto, 2011, Munk One, moose print
-possibly another Pearl Jam, DMB, Gary Clark Jr. (I don't know if posters are available at his shows) , or Tragically Hip - related poster that is 18' by 24' and has a horizontal orientation as it would suit a wall space in my home.
* Send me a PM if you think we can work something out. I'm not interested in selling the above items.
Have a good week.

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    One more day of work :)
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    pm sent
    He was okay,... but wondering... about wandering
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    a refresh
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    Good morning
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    Happy Canada Day
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    Good morning

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    The Blue Jays actually won last night
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    Great day out in the Kawartha Lakes region
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    Good morning
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    How does the Medium fit?

    anyone can help me out here. Is it on the smaller side or larger side? Or just regular medium.
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    I'd say the medium fits well in the waist for someone that wears a 32-34 waist.  I haven't tried it on since the day it arrived.  I can get back to you, re: sleeves and shoulders tomorrow if you'd like.  You can PM if you'd like.  Have a nice week.
  • My M fits like a L. When people were receiving them from 10c, a lot of action on the boards looking for a size smaller. Hope that helps. 
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    This poster for the jacket? Not my pic but mine is stored flat. 18 X 24 but vertical.

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    Hi PJNB,
    Thank you for the offer.... That poster, unfortunately, doesn't interest me.  Have a nice day.
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    Fenway jacket traded.... many thanks
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