Thanks TOTD and 10 Club

Just thanks. :) What an awesome tour :) Hope there's more to come!


  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 17,167
    Loved the show I saw -- thanks!
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  • darthvedderdarthvedder Posts: 1,660
    This jaded Pearl Jam fan enjoyed the shows very much. The world needs more riff rock right now.
  • lolobugglolobugg BLUE RDGE MTNSPosts: 7,848
    I hope this is a one off deal. would make it even more special.

    1995- New Orleans, LA

    1996- Charleston, SC

    1998- Atlanta, GA: Birmingham, AL: Greenville, SC: Knoxville, TN

    2000- Atlanta, GA: New Orleans, LA: Memphis, TN: Nashville, TN

    2003- Raleigh, NC: Charlotte, NC: Atlanta, GA

    2004- Asheville, NC (hometown show)

    2006- Cincinnati, OH

    2008- Columbia, SC

    2009- Chicago, IL x 2 / Ed Ved- Atlanta, GA x 2

    2010- Bristow, VA

    2011- Alpine Valley, WI (PJ20) x 2 / Ed Ved- Chicago, IL

    2012- Atlanta, GA

    2013- Charlotte, NC

    2014- Cincinnati, OH

    2015- New York, NY

    2016- Greenville, SC: Hampton, VA:: Columbia, SC: Lexington, KY: Philly, PA 2: (Wrigley) Chicago, IL x 2 (holy shit): Temple of the Dog- Philly, PA

    2017- ED VED- Louisville, KY

    2018- Chicago, IL x2, Boston, MA x2

  • lolobugg said:

    I hope this is a one off deal. would make it even more special.

    Yeah, I don't see this going anywhere else. I wish it did though....
  • never know!
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