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Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger Reissue



  • scurtisscurtis Posts: 2,354
    Suziemay said:

    scurtis said:

    Received my grey copy yesterday... corners damaged badly.

    Me too, haven't had a chance to listen yet, but mine was banged up pretty good. Must have been the way they got them from the manufacturer cause it was packed well.
    My silver LP was banged up too, but looked like due to poor packaging. My super duper deluxe box set never arrived. My issues began with Fed Ex deciding I wasn't home for the delivery even though I was, and then I was away for Thanksgiving so the shipment got returned and had to get reshipped. The merch company had been good at responding to emails but then decided to stop emailing me back. I had called a few weeks ago and they had said the box set was being reshipped. Finally called again for a refund because I'd had enough, plus I am not interested in paying so much for something that will likely arrive damaged. I wonder if it's the same people who handle Chris' solo stuff, because the last few Chris CDs I've ordered directly from the website has come with the case cracked. Not the end of the world, but there's really no reason why they can't do a better job shipping. I'm going to tweet Soundgarden/Chris when I've calmed down but right now deeply annoyed.
    Yeah that shit annoys me too, carelessness for no real reason. Sounds like a lot of ppl got screwed with this, too bad.
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