FT: Wrigley 16 Posters, Stickers, Patches, Cards, Coozies, etc... ISO: SD, Toronto, Buffalo Posters

Hey Everyone!

I stocked up at the Wrigley shows this year in hopes of trading for some previous shows I attended.

Here's what I've got to trade:
- Klausen Poster
- Taylor Poster
- Wrigley Coozie
- Wrigley Keychain
- All 3 Wrigley Patches
- Wrigley Trading Cards
- Baseball Sticker
- Wrigley Wristband
- Third Man Records Pin
- Third Man Records Patch
- Third Man Records Photo Book

In Search Of:
- San Diego November 21, 2013 Poster & Sticker
- Buffalo May 20, 2010 Poster & Sticker
- Toronto May 10, 2006 Poster & Sticker
- Wrigley Let's Go Sticker
- Wrigley Baseball Sticker

Let me know if you'd like to set up a trade for anything!


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