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Since this is a discussion board for fans of a rock band, and since I am the parent of a musician, I thought I would take a minute to tell you all about El Sistema.
This is an after-school music program bringing arts education to underserved populations. My son worked and volunteered at one of these programs for the last three years, so we have been able to see up-close what an impact these programs can have. Children are exposed to ideas and opportunities they would not otherwise have (trust me, music education can be extremely expensive!). They gain a lot of maturity and poise from performing for a variety of audiences -- and they get to perform in venues they otherwise might not ever see. They have a lot of fun! It was amazing to see the positive reception the program where my son worked got from parents and from the larger community; one of the program's biggest challenges was growing quickly enough to meet demand!

We have been proud to support this program with our time and our money. Check out the above link to learn more and to see if there is a program near you.
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