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So I remember back in 2013 we had a trading Spot right off the forum. I have to wait until my gf comes home to take pics of the cards we have but we have a lot of extra 2016 band member cards. My camera on my phone is busted unfortunately :( We just need Stone, Jeff, and Boom's stickers. If anyone has pictures of the cards they need, PM me and I can get back to you ASAP. We can exchange phone #s and addresses to mail the trades. We kept the wrappers too if anyone's interested. Again, I have a lot of the regular 60 card set and I think an extra Skinner card or two. I have a few 2013 doubles left still, too. Thanks and happy trading!
Hey nanana
ain't that somethin
PJ Chi 2--08-24-2009
SG Chi 1--01-23-2013
PJ Wrigley--07-19-2013
CCornell Chi--10-06-2015
PJ Wrigley--08-20 & 22 2016
PJ Wrigley--08-18 & 20 2018
Denver— 09-22-2022
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    rbhesterrbhester Posts: 212
    I have those stickers you need, as well as many duplicate Fenway cards.
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