What was the first album that you purchased ?



  • tbergstbergs Posts: 6,043

    Superunknown by Soundgarden. Bought the cd to learn the drum parts at the recommendation of my instructor. Ten and Vs followed soon after.

    I remember going to a Pizza Hut and picking My Wave and Fell on Black Days from the Juke Box around the mid nineties. Fell on Black Days was my favorite song for several years.
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  • KISS.......Rock and Roll Over! 1976. That's why I'm so pumped about finally getting my hands on an 03 Benaroya Poster, being a remake of that cover.
  • ham_on_ryeham_on_rye Indiana DunesPosts: 198
    I may have to change my submission, I seem to remember an album with Donald Duck on the cover in a white suit under a disco ball...Disco Duck, if memory serves, may have been my first album!
  • Ratt. Invasion of your privacy. I'll defend that shit all day.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill on vinyl when I was 10. 30th aniv reissue just announced... I'm old now...
  • brianluxbrianlux Moving through All Kinds of Terrain.Posts: 28,554
    1964, Beach Boys, "Shut Down Volume 2". (Actually, my sister bought it for me.)
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  • nooramnooram Posts: 334
    Bay City Rollers - self-titled
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