Cursor hiccups with the new PJ site layout

Hi there tecnoguru's.

So I just noticed something unusual with the new layout and my cursor. It only happens when my cursor is over top the "FORUM" link. Here's what happens: If I click on the FORUM link, I go to the forum no worries. But then if I put my cursor overtop the FORUM link again, my cursor doesn't change to the "hand" icon... it stays as the cursor / arrow pointer. However, if I click on any of the other menu headers (NEWS, MUSIC, TOUR, etc.) and go into any of those, then place my cursor overtop the subsection I'm in, the cursor switches from an arrow to a hand, like I'd expect it to. But not when I'm in the Forum. Do you understand my wordiness here? Kinda hard to explain, not really an issue, but it did cause my eyes to squint, my brain to twitch and I was kinda confused. Seems to be a little glitch / bug. I operate a MacBook Pro and run the website on Chrome.

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