Fenway Sound Check



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    wg said:

    nalyd61 said:

    Wrigley was around 7or 8 night before if I remember correctly. Been outside for Fenway before. It's pretty loud

    The soundcheck was amazing and I would never have caught this without your post (thank you very, very much!!!).

    FYI...Draw the Line (Aerosmith), I've Got A Feeling and Strangest Tribe I do not believe were played by the band. I think this was music that was being played by the roadies as they were putting stuff away. The sound was way muted and I think that the band was off the stage by then (I would love to be wrong on this BTW).

    Also, saw the guys and shook Ed's hand after sound check (he signed my 2004 World Series ball with Fenway dirt on it) so it was an amazing night. Also hung out with a cool fan from TX who used to live in MA...

    Cant wait for the shows!!!
    whoa! got any pictures of the ball? Thats effing awesome
    Damn too bad about those three tunes. Thanks for the info though.
    Like I said hopefully I am wrong on this! Maybe they sound-checked them in stealth mode?
    Glad I was wrong on this!!! They definitely turned down the amps while they were playing these three songs. I heard them, but couldn't tell if it was live or Memorex - :-). Stealth sound check...Nice!!!

    So I guess we can look forward to Angel tonight (fingers crossed)?
    Glad you were wrong too :smile:

    Stealth mode is pretty cool tbh

    Angel tonight would be special
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