I have two (2) 10club Tix for N1 (Fri) Looking to swap for N2 (Sun) straight up ... 10 Club member from late 90's so seats should be good. Let me know ASAP I land in Boston Friday afternoon and can meet at Fenway for swap out. #release me from this stress


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    JG184043JG184043 Posts: 19
    i have two 10c for N2 (Sun) looking to swap for N1 (Fri)
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    Crystal815Crystal815 Chicagoland Posts: 5
    ISO Fenway night one - a pair please if available. Just asking in case an emergency occurred and you're plans have changed or need to sell a pair outright. Thanks!
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    CC264706CC264706 Posts: 16
    I have two N1 tix, not 10 club tix, didn't get selected in raffle. Looking for Sunday tix.
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    mdevitremdevitre Los Angeles Posts: 26
    I need one N1 ticket in trade for a 10C N2 ticket - my # is 49,xxx! Let me know. Thanks!
    [X]  Ventura, California (May 12, 1992)
    [X]  Las Vegas, Nevada (December 01, 1993)
    [X]  Mountain View, California (October 01, 1994)
    [X]  San Diego, California (November 06, 1995)
    [X]  Seattle, Washington (September 14, 1996)
    [X]  Seattle, Washington (September 16, 1996)
    [X]  San Diego, California (July 10, 1998)
    [X]  Great Western Forum (July 13, 1998)
    [X]  Inglewood, California (July 14, 1998)
    [X]  Las Vegas, Nevada (October 22, 2000)
    [X]  Los Angeles, California (October 24, 2000)
    [X]  San Diego, California (October 25, 2000)
    [X]  Irvine, California (June 02, 2003)
    [X]  San Diego, California (June 05, 2003)
    [X]  Los Angeles, California (July 09, 2006)
    [X]  Hollywood, California (July 12, 2006)
    [X]  Santa Barbara, California (July 13, 2006)
    [X]  Universal City, California (September 30, 2009)
    [X]  Gibson Amphitheater (October 07, 2009)
    [X]  Los Angeles, CA (November 23, 2013)
    [X]  Los Angeles, CA (November 24, 2013)
    [X]  Greenville (April 16, 2016)
    [X]  Boston 1 (August 05, 2016)
    [X]  Boston 2 (August 07, 2016)
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    PL147960PL147960 Philadelphia Posts: 26
    JF pm me about ticket swap.
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