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Hi jammers, are there PJ Masters in the crowd?(!)? (-:

I'm working on a project demo for the band and any contribution from your amazing knowledge will be most appreciated!

I'm looking for documented materials, stories and info about the creation process of the songs "Hunger Strike", "Crown Of Thorns", "Footsteps" and "Times Of Trouble" :
The writing (for example, a paper on which the song was written, the first line/guitar riff that started it all, where and when, thoughts and feelings, etc.), the inspirations, meaning, videos and memories from the writing and recording sessions, early demos of the song…anything interesting! -
preferably in first person narrative- that the story is delivered by someone who's involved from the inside (the band members and the related people) and not from an outsider perspective of someone who wasn't there... (and also preferably not from a written interview, unless it's very interesting and hasn't been published anywhere else :-)

Besides these 4 songs, I'd also love to hear and get links to any other Pearl Jam/ Temple of the dog song, that has as much of the above kinds of materials about its creation process as possible.

Any ideas where these pearls can be found (besides PJ20)??...(-:

Thanks and keep on rockin' in the free world!
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