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I'm looking to purchase TOTD tickets for Philly!
My 8 year old daughter is a HUGE PJ and TOTD fan and I would hate for her to miss this.
I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount over face value but can't afford too over the top.
I wasn't lucky this Ten Club drawing, and unfortunately tickemaster was sold out not even a minute after going on sale.
Stub hub tickets are at/around $400 which is a little steep for my pocket (as I know for many fans it is)
I thought maybe I'd get lucky to find someone who's looking to sell their tix.
I know I'm not alone in this search, but it's worth a shot to get my daughter to this show.
I took her to her first PJ show this past April.
It was the best concert experience of my life.
I'd love to be able to share this amazing reunion show with her.



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