Make It Happen Montana / Big Spring Skate Park & Jeff Ament's Foundation

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Make It Happen Montana is a not for profit interested in developing people. Our Mission : To empower, inspire and invest in opportunity, people, and communities to support and make Social Change. Make It Happens First venture is bringing an approximate 100ft x100ft all conrete skatepark to Central Montana communities. Our estimated total to be raised is $300,000. Jeff Ament's Foundation, Montana Pool Service is participating in our venture and we need your help too. By donating to Big Spring SkatePark, you are investing in Central Montana Youth as well as active lifestyles, which attracts people to our communities and provides numerous physical,mental, social and economic benefits. This park provides another sport aside from and in addition to the traditional team sports that are currently in Central Montana, as well as, another positive place for youth to go.


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    $430 in 12 days. We need to kick this up a notch! If everyone here donated a $20 bill - :smiley:
    Oh please let it rain today.
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