Tickets to Fenway

Does anyone have two tickets to the Sunday Fenway show for sale?


  • cxdcxd Posts: 4
    Loge 136
    Row JJ
    Seats: 1, 2
  • kasedougkasedoug The Golden StatePosts: 2,724
    cxd said:

    Loge 136
    Row JJ
    Seats: 1, 2

    PM sent
  • CServantCServant DCOPosts: 1,182
    How about a pair for the Friday show?
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  • cxdcxd Posts: 4
    i do. feel free to email my gmail acct, [email protected]

    I have a pair for Friday as well.
    Row: 05
    Seats: 1-2
  • sclinvillesclinville Posts: 122
    2006 Cincinnati
    2014 Cincinnati Memphis
    2016 Tampa Jacksonville Greenville Lexington Chicago N1 Chicago N2
  • gotthebottlegotthebottle San DiegoPosts: 1,245
    why is this in Words and Music?
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