A Stranger in my own home

The couch holds a blanket and pillow,
The coffee table sits dinner for one.
The television set to my favorite channels,
Never thought I'd be so alone.

When silence is all that you have.
Thoughts become self conversation.
Did you say something to me?
Know! I was talking to myself.
I am my own best friend.

This home is his castle,
This home is my cell.
It's his piece of heaven,
It's my living hell.

Two fucking people,
From two different lives.
Going on ten years now,
With no change in sight.

It's my fault for wishing,
It's my fault for hoping
It's my fault for wanting,
A hermit to change.

He never told me,
This was his way.
He knew who I was,
And never pushed me away.

I wanna go back to who I once was
Ten years is a long time,
On the wrong path of love.

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