Tragically Hip Cover for Wrigley 1

I've been told by friends and family to leave my citizenship at the border because I'll be missing the final Hip Show on Aug20th.
But I'm cool with it because its for Pearl Jam!

1 - Do you think the guys have something planned for this night knowing that this is happening in Canada?
2 - If you had to choose a cover to hear that night, what would it be?

My personal choice would be Long Time Running, but I think if they do any kind of a cover it will be Courage



  • apeman77apeman77 Posts: 153
    Not a pile of responses here.......

    I for one am both a huge Hip and PJ fan. I doubt they would ever do a Hip cover, but just for the sake of conversation I would love to here Ahead by a Century. I agree Long Time Running would be the perfect fit though.
  • CH51831CH51831 Posts: 5
    Here in Vancouver, the local radio station has been trying to petition the boys to do a Hip cover at pemberton....lets see what happens.
  • I support this 100%. Would be amazing at Wrigley 1 or Pemby
  • DB71DB71 Posts: 1
    I rarely post around here (am very thankful for those who do, especially in Given To Fly sharing thoughts on your live experiences), but this topic concerning 2 bands I've loved/listened to for more than half my life (yeah, I'm old) brought some thoughts to mind. I think Courage or Little Bones would be a great choice to cover in a show of support or just to tear it up as an encore, but I would have to agree that Ahead by a Century could be brilliant through a Pearl Jam lens. If you are fortunate enough to make either show, enjoy the magic, but if you going to be fishing like I am (I expect to hear the Kingston crowd roaring all the way up the river), hoping for a good internet pull since CBC is broadcasting the Kingston Hip show on all platforms. If a cover happens, it would be a very cool nod to The Hip and Canada, and even if it doesn't, Pearl Jam fans lending some thoughts of #CourageforGord would still be appreciated...
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